In addition to the attractive graphics and the well-developed truck interiors, you can expect to travel in real cities, detailed cabins, system damage and convenient operation. The career mode will allow you to achieve a small fortune in the execution of your missions and in multiplayer mode – to find out who the best rider in this game is. Game trucker or Euro Truck Evolution is still the hottest game choices for players all around the World. It is a colourful game that takes you around different cities read much more in the country.

  • This means you are a hired hand of a logistics company.
  • Return to the Euro Truck Simulator/Mod folder that you pasted the base.SCS file into, and paste the .SCS files for the mod into that same folder.
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  • Start the game by pressing “Launch” button (or “Install Available Updates” if there are new updates available).
  • Its capital Budapest offers a number of historical buildings, baths and parks and is considered a financial hub.
  • Speaking of trucks … there are a lot of them in Euro Track Simulator 2.

Trucks, Money and Unlocks are already unlocked for you and ready to use and if you’re newer to a Modding scene then this is the best option for a trouble free experience. Hi Mesut, I don’t know why you don’t see the bèta options. I just opened the game and see Oculus – Experiemental Oculus support (1.4.0) – 1.3. I think you have to check out the settings in Steam. “Our desire to give the player the ability to look around freely might create additional complexities for design, art and optimization,” said Dvořák.

Euro Truck Evolution (simulator) For Pc (windows & Mac)

Though at the start of the game you likely don’t really need to rest much, when you do, it is a good idea to stop and rest at these locations. After each job, head to the closest repair shop and fix you truck (even if you didn’t have any accidents along the way). Your truck, especially the tires, will wear down a bit just from normal use so maintaining your truck is important. Attach the trailer, then follow the GPS to your destination just like you did for the quick jobs.

So enjoy these 20 levels of non-stop fun and action. This game has two themes and each of these themes has 10 exciting and challenging levels. This game is based on the Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali movie. Join the colorful blocks with one of the most fun and addictive puzzle game on your device.

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I play it alot with my Friend and we are having lots of fun. You can also play with USB wheels if i was you i would get a Logitech g920 or a g27, they may be expensive bet is worth it. Are you trying to find a way to obtain a complimentary Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer code? Generate one or numerous product codes instantly with this tool.

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