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Sadly, the overall quality is not so high like in Moonshine. With a length of minutes and a better production it could easily have reached a four-star rating. Nevertheless, it’s unfair to forget this album in the sands of prog memory, because it really has some true talent invested on it.

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My guess is that a program changed the directory for finding album information. I would create a copy of the HOSTS file and save it somewhere just in case you need to restore it. I don’t usually use Windows Media Player but I check to see if it’s retrieving album information pretty regularly. I wiped everything out of my HOSTS file about 6 weeks ago on Windows 8.1 because the problem recurred and I wanted to see what would happen with no entries in the HOSTS file and Windows Media Player. The file name should now say hosts with no extension such as .txt listed. You’ll probably get a message saying that changing the file extension may make it unusable, and asking if you want to change it.

But turning the launch of your new music into an event that your fans will eagerly anticipate is, of course, easier said than done. The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support How-To Geek. The thumbnails are tiny, but you can click and hold a thumbnail to pup up a full-size version of the file.

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Your photos publish to a website that anyone can see in an up-to-date web browser. Any photos that you saved or downloaded from a shared album to your Photos library stay in your library even if the shared album is deleted or the person who created it stops sharing it. If you’re the owner of a shared album, you can delete any photos, videos, or comments from anyone. Subscribers can delete anything that they personally added. Anything you delete is automatically deleted from the album on all your devices and the devices of subscribers.

  • Nobody’s Peach, from Seattle, serve up nine gorgeous songs informed by bluegrass and Americana, gentle as a fall breeze.
  • There’s a lot of cause to be concerned about this album.
  • If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can add music and music videos from the Apple Music catalog to your music library.
  • Free Music Archive is a smart song search destination.
  • I write Beatlesque indie-pop songs that’ve been praised by No Depression, KCRW, The LA Times, & others.

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