You have to reuse your old bellows frames because they were custom made to precisely fit your treble and bass cabinets. Cut the cardboard as close to the wooden bellows frames as possible without damaging the wood. In order to get the pistons out, you must first remove the cap strip over the guide slots at the bottom of the pistons. It is usually held in place by four or five small brass wood screws.

  • Perfect Piano supports a USB MIDI keyboard, so when you decide to move to a real instrument, you can do so smoothly.
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  • Many people don’t realize that learning an instrument can have long-term benefits for their health.
  • However, a MIDI accordion can always upgrade to the latest in sound technology without having to change the accordion itself.
  • Most of these pages contain up to 15 or even more easy tips to try out.
  • Each seven note scale simply repeats multiple times in different octaves on different sections of the keyboards – but the keys are basically the same.

If you examine them closely, you will see that the upper portion of each is identical, and all the variation is in the tail, which connects to the bottom of the accordion. The strap on the right has the longer tail because the accordion must sit left of your center. Depending on your size and the location of the strap brackets on the accordion, the right shoulder strap might be 4 to 6 inches longer than the left when properly adjusted. In Download Accordion Piano APK for Android between these major polishings, we need only wipe off the finish with a soft cloth. If the finish is really grungy, the cloth can be dampened with rubbing alcohol, but no liquid should ever be poured or sprayed onto or into your accordion. Slathering wax all over your accordion, then buffing it out like you would your car just makes a mess, due to all the angles, joints, and other irregularities in the surface.

Hohner Piano Accordion Bravo Ii 48, Pearl Red, With Gig Bag & Straps

If it is less than your practical minimum, you will either have to compromise or redesign your accordion to have compound levers. Whichever course you choose, the white key travel you select is the basis for the rest of your work on this project. Renewing, refacing, re-valving; whatever you choose to call it, replacing the felt/leather facing on your treble valves will make your accordion use less air and will reduce the clattering of the keyboard. Old hard felt is less effective as a cushion, and compressed felt allows the key to travel farther and faster before closing.

Moreover, the accordion comes with an adjustable strap. This allows the kids to adjust the strap according to their preference and comfort. The strap enables the kids to hold it comfortably and play for longer periods.

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I find that the backstrap helps a lot if I want to stand and play for an hour. But, hey, lets face it, Im not getting any younger and I also use a smaller format accordion to stand a long time. At some point I may consider going to a 72 or 96 lighter accordion but I dont know. I watched Dick Contino playing shows in his late 70s with his giant Petosa and he also put down the accordion between songs. I have usually played the bass row with my 3rd finger and chords with the second finger.