I did not find any offensive language or culturally insensitive issues. I found no interface issues when reviewing the book. Some of the pictures were a little blurry when printed. It can be rearranged easily to suit the instructor’s needs. If you’re a fan of travelling around England, or of English culture, no doubt you’ll fare well on this quiz. From bothies and castles to William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, these challenging Scotland quiz questions will truly test your knowledge.

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  • Edward Soja (1940–2015) – worked on regional development, planning and governance and coined the terms Synekism and Postmetropolis; winner of the Vautrin Lud Prize.
  • The Northern Hemisphere experiences winter when sunlight is reflected off the earth’s surface and less of the sun’s energy is absorbed because of a sharper angle from the sun.

The author divides the book into regional chapters. Within each chapter, there are subsections which explore the physical geography, human geography, and historical setting of the region. Then each chapter includes a thematic discussion of the region focusing, for example, on globalization or inequality. The prose is clear and easy to read and would make any reader comfortable to learn about this detailed and important subject matter. Finally, the bolded key terms make for an easy way to find the important points from each chapter as well as providing concepts that will return throughout the text.

Which State Has The Longest Coastline In The United States?

For a more challenging experience, users can try Map Repeat the Pattern that has them watch the game light up countries in an order and repeat the pattern correctly to win. And in World Matchup, players compete against the clock to match the flag, animal, or monument to its continent. Purchase this app from the App Store, Google play, and Amazon for approximately $4. Sharpen your children’s map skills and learn more about demography with these map apps. In the game’s world map, they can tap on each glowing Geo-Me to learn more about a certain location.

I found this book to be quite culturally sensitive overall. The author addresses important issues of globalization by placing it in context to people actually living in the regions, often referring to the local struggles against extra-regional forces. This is in stark contrast to the relative lack of exposure students will have had via mainstream media to the cultural struggles of people outside their own narrow identification groups. Although there are three format versions of this book available from Saylor, only the html online format provides ready modularity. This is mainly by virtue of the table of contents, which is notably absent in both the PDF and DOCx versions available for download. The html version may be found by following the link to Saylor’s website at the bottom of their pdf pages.

Maps That Prove You Don’t Really Know Earth

This interactive reference tool is a must-have for students of human anatomy or biology. It includes rotational images and lots of helpful animations. This citizen science project has set out to map every living species on the planet, and you can help! Report your sightings, help identify other spottings, and contribute to all sorts of ongoing research projects. Bring geometric equations to life with this app, which allows you to create fundamental shapes, then explore and change their properties.

The first person to use the word γεωγραφία was Eratosthenes (276–194 BC). Geography is an all-encompassing discipline that seeks an understanding of Earth and its human and natural complexities—not merely where objects are, but also how they have changed and come to be. Have you ever been curious of how mountains, hills, rivers and other physical features were formed? Do you want an easy way of learning all these? This quiz will increase you Geographical understanding a notch higher.