Master Fu gives her the Horse Miraculous, which grants the power of teleportation, so she can enjoy herself and be able to return to Paris in case of an emergency. Max’s mother, a train conductor who directs the Startrain, dreams of being an astronaut and has taken an exam to begin training. However, a rogue akuma gets aboard the train to London in Sabrina’s big suitcase after a botched attempt to akumatize Officer Roger. When Max’s mother succumbs to nerves waiting for confirmation about whether she passed, the akuma infects her and turns her into “Startrain” itself, and she drives the train into outer space. Since the akuma is outside of Hawk Moth’s range of influence, Gabriel is forced to rely on the heroes to rescue Adrien.

  • Marinette always tried to get closer to Adrien without knowing that he was Cat Noir and that he was in love with Ladybug.
  • furthermore; alya has had extended interaction with ladybug on multiple occasions.
  • Marinette is shocked to find out about her kiss with Cat Noir, while Adrien is thrilled about it.
  • Clothing, accessories, and action figures are also available.
  • Each and every character has their own unique design in a way that really sticks out to me.
  • Upset and disoblige, Anarka is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes “Captain Hardrock”, a pirate who wants to blast her music across Paris, ruining all the music concerts.

Season 5 has been confirmed and there was talk of a season 6. Which means they still have time to fall together naturally. Thomas Astruc has confirmed that Marinette and Adrien will end up together by the end of the show, so we’ll have to rely on that. We know that there WILL be a reveal that won’t leave us in angry tears. In the meantime, I’m sobbing and re-reading fanfiction to get over this depressing anger. My answer to their timeline so that Marinette and Adrien can be together is to just kill him.

Miraculous Ladybug News

As for the episodes, watch the first episode of the season first and the 2nd last and last episodes at the end. The characters of this series also have official Instagram accounts that you can follow. The content posted on these accounts is not copy-pasted from the episodes. It is new images made especially for their Instagram handles.

In “Stoneheart – Origins, Part 2,” he was corrupted by Hawk Moth again android Miraculous Ladybug app download because the akuma wasn’t de-evilized. Stoneheart was defeated again with Ladybug de-evilizing the akuma. Lê Chiến Kim (voiced by Grant George in the English version and Alexandre Nguyen in the French version) is a confident and competitive member of Mme. His return in season 4 will cause his akumatization in Furious Fu according to rumors.


I have a feeling Chloe will have a change of attitude in season four and I would love for her to finally give Sabrina all the love she deserves. I just love how Luka is so kind and caring towards her, and all he wants is to see her happy. I also absolutely love the love confession he made when he got acumatized, it just warmed my heart so much. Marinette can open up and talk to Luka more than anybody else in this show. The only reason I don’t ship Marinette with Adrien is that he is always friend-zoning her all the time, and I understand why Adrien/Cat Noir likes Ladybug, but I feel like he should love her for who she is under the mask. This is one of the two movies/shows I can say I like the antagonists more than the hero.

Plagg looks much like Tikki, but with a black body, green eyes, and pointed ears, resembling a black cat. Unlike Tikki, however, Plagg is sarcastic as ever and lazy. During his charge’s transformation as Chat Noir, he inhabits the Black Cat Miraculous, a ring worn by Adrien on his right hand. Adrien Agreste a.k.a. Cat Noir (“Black Cat”) (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in the English version and Benjamin Bollen in the French version) is Marinette’s classmate whom she has a huge crush on, though he only sees Marinette as a notable friend. Adrien comes from a wealthy family, and is a popular fashion model for the clothing company of his father, Gabriel, though he laments the poor relationship he has with him; his mother, meanwhile, has inexplicably disappeared. Adrien is kind, loyal, sensitive and well-liked, and hangs out often with his best friend Nino.