Expanded from Smaller Size into its Larger Size setting, the calendar gadget will also include a navigable calendar on top, which lets you view previous months and next ones. This tutorial will explain how to change the calendar gadget’s size, how to navigate through dates in it, and how to customize its options. Widgets make it easy to glance information from different apps on your iPhone or iPad. Many of us use them to follow the news, see our next calendar events, or keep an eye on the weather. But widgets are only useful when they’re working.

The current month is listed at the top left corner with back and forward buttons at the right allowing users to view different months. There is a second long delay before a full month loads. Originally, the redesigned Google Calendar5.0 annoyingly lacked a typical month view in its initial release for phones. Long since restored, Google Calendar is now finally adding a very useful Month homescreen widget. There are, of course, a number of widgets available.

Your Events GO Calendar Widget In The Widget

This action sets the conference data on the open event. For this conference data the conference solution ID needs to be specified, because the action was not triggered by the user selecting the desired solution. Back in the day when we used physical calendars, the week was always shown as starting on Sunday. That philosophy has transitioned to digital calendars, but it might not make much sense to most people.

  • After launching Widgets HD, select the widgets you want to show up on your desktop screen and drag them to any position you like.
  • The other features of this app are also impressive, and you’ll soon love to use it.
  • In edit mode, you can remove a widget by clicking the minus (-) icon in its top-left corner.
  • You can use Calendar to send emails to everyone that’s attending an event.
  • Some of the default lock screen widgets that are available include clocks, message lists, music players, and calendars.
  • All the other plugins I’ve used for events have had poor styling and required a lot of extra editing to make them presentable.

To manage your various Keep reminders, tap the main-menu button in the top-left corner of the screen, then tap Reminders. Of course, just because Google Keep is relatively simple to use doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any tricks up its sleeves. You can also add narration to a doodle, color-code your notes, share a note with a friend, save selections from a webpage, and more. All the widgets you have met here are free to install from PlayStore and use on your home screen. But some of them may ask you to pay for the premium version.

Can’t Split Preferences Between Instances Of Widgets

It consists of two setups so you can either view the month as a whole or view the months as agenda type. You can customize almost every bit of the widget from colors to the background. I liked the agenda type view rather than month type cause I can get what I want to do today according to dates easily. This is the widget which can be placed on the home screen.