Telecommunication means transferring signals over a distance. Services that offer voice, internet, television, networking, and data services over a large area are known as telecom services. Swantah Sukhay is a leader in Telecom Infrastructure Industry for both Active & Passive infrastructure projects. With its footprint in 14 Telecom circles, Swantah Sukhay has a strong and dedicated on roll workforce of over 700 Professionals and Engineers apart from a fleet of associates. Swantah Sukhay provides all kinds of solutions to the Telecom Infrastructure Sector. You need to know about free online casino games. Currently operating in AP, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal, Karnataka, M&G, MP&CG, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana & UP. We have rich experience of doing over 7000 Passive Infra Sites as TSP, 40000 Active Infra Sites & Project Management of over 10000 sites.

Project Management

Our experienced Project Management Teams works hand-in-hand with customers to manage project milestones and ensure delivery as per schedule and quality.

Passive Infra Solutions

With a phenomenal increase in the subscriber base of mobile telecom users and rapid upgradation of technology, telecom service providers have to upgrade their cell sites periodically.

Active Infra Solutions

Swantah Sukhay has been delivering Active Infra Installation & Network Implementation services successfully. The service delivery team comprises of TEI Teams, NI Services Delivery Team, ATP Teams. Services we deliver under Active Infra and Network Implementation

RF Benchmarking & Optimization

Swantah Sukhay RF Engineers deliver highly reliable services to our clients. Our RF Engineers have experience, & relevant at handling the latest RF investigation tools like TEMS Drive Test Kits.

Swantah Sukhay provides the following Radio Frequency Engineering services for all wireless Networks (GSM, CDMA & LTE)

Optical Fiber

Swantah Sukhay is providing best services in optical fibers.

Our Clients