The more they bounce off of each other and on to spiders, the higher your score will be. It also means that you’ll use less shots to clear those bubbles resulting in bonus bubbles at the end of the level. Start by detaching the middle animal from the side animals. Once you’ve cleared it, you’ll have a clear aim on the zen bubbles holding the two side animals. The great thing about level 88 of Bubble Witch Saga 2 is that it has the same pattern throughout the board. First, you get a really thick group of bubbles, and then above them you have the animals.

So you’ll be moving across a map, completing one stage at a time, and depending on your score you’ll earn stars for each stage. These stars are used not only to unlock additional levels but also to unlock power-ups. Usually getting a one-star ranking isn’t all that difficult, but getting two or three can be quite trying.

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Clear the top is the first level and first level type that is introduced at the start of the game. Witch Country needs your help to free it from the clutches of the evil Morgana and her minions. Join Stella and her magical cats as the explore the realm and defeat Morgana in this bubble, popping puzzle adventure. Play through more than 60 levels of challenging puzzles as you free Witch Country from evil. Along the way, you will be able to find special power-ups, bubbles, and boosters to help you on your quest.

  • King’s games, prior to June 2013, made revenue for the company through a combination of in-game advertising and microtransactions.
  • After 3 minutes you are free to play Bubble Witch 2 Saga without any Jailbreak or Rooting the device.
  • With skill being mostly removed from the equation, the game quickly feels like any other match-3 from King, which are great, polished products, but are very similar to each other.
  • Wilbur takes the form of a chubby cat, big and quite cute.
  • There are many features in this game like match 3 or more colored bubbles to pop it.
  • So, if you are up to playing something special and a little tight, why not try it with your friends now?

You never know when you will need a good game substitute. Below are some other apps like Bubble Shooter and Bubble Shooter, compared and available for free download. The game has several lines based on the same creature, so you don’t need to install Bubble Witch 3 to download it and download it to take advantage of Infinite whenever you want. The Saga MOD APK for Unlimited Lives is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store for Android and iOS. Saga is integrated with all 3 sagas with 220 levels initially, but more will be added in future monthly updates.

Bubble Witch 3 Level 152 Tips

You can complete each level by saving owls, ghosts and collecting potions that can be used to beautify the house. Bubble Witch 3 Saga – A magical puzzle game with the creators of Candy Crush Saga. Bubble Universe provides a challenging and fun experience to both the new and the frequent player of Bubble Break games. Here we have discussed all the relevant information about this game, hope you will like the article and also found useful to you as well. We regularly provide this type of information about the latest apps and games so if you want this type of information on a daily basis kindly stay tuned with us.

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